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Professional Taxidermy Studio was founded in 1986 by Dan Lansford, who possesses nearly four decades of continuous local professional service and experience. Dan is able to offer a unique level of quality because of his time and tenure in the taxidermy industry. He learned the craft at the time when considerable sculpting ability and skill were necessary to produce a quality mount with the basic level of supplies available at that time. This ability and creativity combined with the far superior components that are standard in the industry today results in a mount that goes beyond just being technically accurate. Beyond looking alive, it conveys individual character, and expression, and even personality of that individual animal. This level of product is potentially not available from someone more recently trained with modern components where less skill is necessary to produce a mount that is reasonably accurate, but potentially mass-produced looking. The alternative at Professional Taxidermy is a custom sculpted mount with individual character and expression that constitutes an individual art piece. Dan combines an in-depth skill set gained over the decades, with the superior materials and components today for an unrivaled product. When a customer communicates what they are hoping for in the appearance of their mount that is what they will get.

The motto on our business card says, "Excellence in quality on all types of taxidermy work," but the service offered goes far beyond that. Competitive pricing, prompt return time and service that extends into a personal relationship with each customer, are all fundamental goals of Professional Taxidermy.

The market is continuously researched to keep prices as low as possible. Price will consistently be at or below studios which provide similar quality and we're open to discussion should you find a lower quote. Call or e-mail anytime for specific pricing.

We pride ourselves on completing work when indicated. Large orders typically take around six months and sometimes less. Small orders such as antler or skull mounts are generally completed in four to six weeks. Reasonable deadlines will be accommodated. When a deer head comes in, it is scheduled on a calendar for the week it will be mounted, and it will be mounted that week. We are more than happy to share many references who can vouch for our timeliness and craftsmanship.

We strive to foster a relationship with each customer that is based on appreciation, courtesy and trust in our ability to deliver what is promised. As a result, we've forged numerous friendships over the years and have seen many satisfied customers make multiple visits through our doors.

Many dedicated outdoorsmen seek a relationship with a taxidermist that they know they can count on, as one often seeks a relationship with a doctor or an accountant. This type of relationship can be found at Professional Taxidermy Studio.We invite you to come by, get to know us and see the craftsmanship in our work up close at any time. Give us a call at (512) 259-4902 or e-mail us today.

We can't wait to provide you with the product and experience that will make you glad you chose Professional Taxidermy Studio and leave you looking forward to bringing in your next trophy.

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About Dan

Born in Austin and raised in a rural setting nearby, Dan was immersed in and fascinated by the beauty of the natural world and its creatures from an early age. As an avid bow hunter, fisherman, and photographer Dan possesses a critical and analytical eye that has always been cast to the detail of the surrounding natural world, especially in animals. A natural desire to be able to preserve this beauty led to a self taught pursuit of taxidermy.

At the age of eighteen in 1977, Dan was employed by Austin Taxidermy Studio. An extensive training, learning, and apprenticeship process ensued under the guidance of Lem Rathbone, the founder of the business and an innovator and pioneer in the taxidermy field of his day. The intricate sculpting techniques necessary to produce a quality mount on the self-made rudimentary forms of the day, were learned and honed over time, providing the foundation for the operation of Professional Taxidermy Studio in the future.

After nine years of learning from Lem and his son Jimmy Bird, and gaining responsibility over a large part of the operations of that shop, the opportunity arose for Dan to start his own shop. And in 1986, Professional Taxidermy Studio opened its doors and has offered continuous service to customers in the Texas Hill Country and beyond ever since.




Taxidermy services include: basic economical and premium custom sculpted shoulder mounts, freshwater and saltwater fish skin mounts and replicas, custom mounts with habitat and prey, lifelike action-posed bird mounts both flying and standing including upland game birds and waterfowl, European skull mounts on hanger plaques or custom bases, antler and horn mounts on hardwood plaques, soft tanned hides, skins and furs, flat and open mouth rugs with borders and backing, repairs of existing taxidermy work with prompt delivery and novelty work of all types.

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